All the Info you need for our 2018-19 Dance Season

Registration Information     

A $20.00 per family Registration Fee & September tuition is due with a completed registration form.

Make checks payable to “ Marilou Cassidy ”  (yes, in quotes)

·         Mail in Registration is accepted through August 18th.   Mail completed registration form and check payable to "Marilou Cassidy" to Cassidy Dance Studio 2278 Mt. Carmel Ave, Glenside PA 19038

·         Open Registration is held at the Studio, from 6:00-7:30 on Tuesday August 21st, Wednesday August 29th, and Tuesday September 4th.

·         Early Registration is recommended.  Many classes fill very quickly.  Dancers are accepted on a first come-first served basis, and placed on a waiting list as classes fill.  

·         Competition Auditions for registered dancers in grades 2 through college age will be held on Tuesday August 21st from 7:15-8:30 pm, and on Wednesdayday August 29th from 7:15-8:30pm.  Email to sign up to audition, for additional information, or if you have questions regarding Competition Classes. 


For Registration after August, please contact us for availability.

Most classes will be filled by this time.

215-887-1757   215-740-9944

Description of Classes    

Pre-School -  Creative Movement:  Basic Tap, Pre-Ballet, & Acrobatic mat work for stretch and strengthening.  Dancers must be fully potty trained & be able to follow directions.  These classes are held in 6-week Sessions.

Ballet – Ballet Barre & Center floor work.

Tap - Classic theatrical tap dance, mixed with Rhythm street style tap.

Jazz - Classical Broadway Jazz with elements of Hip Hop/Street Jazz in each jazz class.

Broadway Jazz  -  Jazz with Broadway Show style.

Acrobatics (Acro) - Stretching and Strengthening, Mat work to increase flexibility with basic tumbling movements.     

Hip Hop - Age appropriate Hip Hop, Funk, Street Dance styles. 

Lyrical/Contemporary  - Combination of Lyrical Ballet and Contemporary/Modern styles to Popular Music.  

Competition Classes - Require excellent attendance, commitment to the team and class, performances at special events, and at home practice.

Production Class - encompasses Tap, Jazz, Pantomime, and Theatre Dance with emphasis on Production Number Choreography.  Available for all Competition Classes as an 
 additional class.  Non-Competition dancers are welcome, as a 2nd or 3rd class but do not necessarily compete.

Please Note

·             Minimum class size is 5 dancers.  Classes with less than 5 dancers will be canceled, with alternate class times recommended by the teachers.

·             Classes meet once weekly from September through the recital in mid June.  Estimated Recital Date is Saturday June 15, 2019

·             Daytime Pre-School, and ALL Saturday classes, are held in 6-week or 7-week Sessions depending on the holiday calendar.

·             Visitors are a distraction and disturb lessons and slow the progress of the class.  September 10-15 is Orientation/Start up week where parents may observe the beginning of classes before the doors need to close. 

·             The most successful classes have dancers who have fantastic attendance and are on time for class, dressed properly, ready to work and have fun.

·             Parent Observation is held in December/January.  Emails and notes will be sent in November with specific dates.

Dance Attire for Classes

·         Hair must be worn off the face and neck.  (Neat low ponytail or bun).

·        Dance leotard and tights are required in classes.  Ballet skirts or dance shorts are permitted.   Fitted camisole tops, ballet sweaters or fitted dance T-shirts are permitted.   Glitter leotards and tights are not permitted in Acrobatic classes - glitter gets on the mats and onto hands and into eyes!  See class schedule for proper attire for each class.

·         Absolutely NO street clothing, or loose baggy clothing in dance classes.  Dance clothing is designed with a purpose, just as bathing suits are designed for swimmers and sports gear is designed for athletes.

·        Proper dance footwear is required in all classes.  See class schedule for proper attire for each class.  Competition Dancers will receive a Competition Shoe list by early October.  Dress-2-Dance is our preferred, local supplier 30 E. Glenside Avenue, Glenside PA  215-884-5756


All communications sent home, via email and hard copies, are also posted on the bulletin board in the lobby.

It is the responsibility of parents and students to check for communications.   

Check dance bags often.  Papers seem to hide in the dance bags!    

Please archive/save your email correspondences for future reference.

Please advise us if you change your email address, home address, or phone numbers.


Email Miss Marilou at for information about fun birthday parties!

TUITION   -   Please help us keep costs down for you by paying tuition on time.

Make checks payable to “ Marilou Cassidy ”


·         A $20.00 per family annual Registration Fee & September tuition is required with registration. 

·         For Session Classes, a $20.00 per family Registration fee and Session 1 tuition is due with registration.

·         Pre-School and 6-week Saturday Session Classes tuition is due at the first class of the session.

·         All other classes – Tuition is due at the first class of each month. 

·         Dancers who are behind in tuition payments may resume classes when they are paid to date, if their spot in the class has not been filled.

·         Tuition is calculated on the dance year (September through mid-June).  Monthly tuition remains the same, regardless of the number of classes in   the month, except June which is prorated depending on the recital date and number of rehearsals.  

·         Tuition is not refundable due to absence.  Dancers may take a makeup class when they have been absent.  Check this brochure for compatible       classes for makeup lessons, or email or check with the teacher.

·         A $5.00 late fee is imposed when tuition is over 2 weeks late.

·         There is a $30.00 fee for checks returned “insufficient funds”.

·         Semi-Annual (due Oct & Feb) and Annual (due Oct) pre-paid discounted rates are available.  Inquire if interested. 


2018-19 Monthly discounted tuition

for Standard Evening Classes

Single Class fee is $18 per hour, if paying per single class instead of monthly.

Make checks payable to “ Marilou Cassidy” (yes, in quotes)


per family in same household


Due at the first class of each month

1 hour per week

$ 54.00

1.5 hours per week

$ 79.00

2 hours

$ 104.00

2.5 hours

$ 127.00

3 hours

$ 150.00

3.5 hours

$ 170.00

4 hours

$ 188.00

4.5 hours

$ 205.00

5 hours

$ 215.00

5.5 hours

$ 225.00



(7 week sessions prorated)

Single Class fee is $18 per class hour, if paying per single class instead of per session.

                         Make checks payable to “ Marilou Cassidy ”

6 Week Sessions

1st child in a family

2nd child in a family

3rd child in a family

T-PS1, T-PS2, W-PS1, W-PS2, S-PS1, S-PS2, S-PA1, and S-PRD*


$ 81.00


$ 76.00


$ 70.00

               *Dancers who take 3 or more hours weekly should inquire for additional discount for S-PRD class.

GENERAL CALENDAR DATES 2018-19 SEASON                                                         
Tuesday August 21                                      6:00-7:00
Sample Class ages 6-10 Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop
Open Registration
Competition Auditions
 Wednesday August 29            
Sample Class ages 6-10 Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop
Open Registration
Competition Auditions
 Tuesday September 4        
 Open Registration  
Mon Sept 10 through Sat Sept 15   
  Classes begin
 Wednesday October 31                   
  Closed - Halloween
 Wed Nov 21 through Sat Nov 24  Closed - Thanksgiving
 Saturday November 24        
  Downtown Glenside Winterfest Performance
 December 22 through January 1
  Closed - Winter Holidays break    
 Feb 15 through Feb 18          Closed - Presidents' Holiday Weekend
 Apr 17 through April 21              Closed - Spring Break
 May 24 through May 27  Closed - Memorial Day Weekend
 June 15  Tentative Recital Date

      T-PS1  9:30
 T-PS2  1:00
 W-PS1  9:30
 W-PS2  1:00
 ALL Saturday Classes
 Session 1    
 9/11 to 10/16 9/12 to 10/17 
 9/15 to 10/20
 Session 2
10/30 to 12/18
7-week session
no class 11/20
 10/31 to 12/19
 7-week session
 No class 11/21
 11/3 to 12/15
 Session 3
1/8 to 2/12 1/9 to 2/13
 1/5 to 2/9
                  Check back in November for Sessions 4 & 5   

Marilou Cassidy,
Jul 16, 2018, 9:52 AM